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Security Tools : Scanner

[Asmodeous Port Scanner (WebTrends)]
[Cerberus Internet Scanner]
[Legion v2.1]
[Nessus 1.0.10]
[Rscan version 1.5]
[Sara 3.5.2]
[Strobe version 1.03]
[Tiger version 2.2.3 and 2.2.4]
[Utilities, source and information for Windows 9x/NT ]
[Web Trends Security Analyzer]
[YAPS] Argus
Argus is a generic IP network transaction auditing tool. Argus runs as an application level daemon, promiscuously reading network datagrams from a specified interface, and generates network traffic status records for the network activity that it encounters.

Download: Asax
Asax. An Advanced Security audit trail Analysis on uniX.

Download: Asmodeous Port Scanner (WebTrends)
Asmodeous network security scanner for Windows NT.


Impresorita pequeña.. .de matriz de puntos... para tickets

Epson TM U220A


Adios a Libros Gratis en FTPMICHEL... snif snif

20-11-2005 00:00:00Despedida y cierre.Categoria: GeneralMichel
Saludos. Como habréis notado en el asunto este no es un mensaje normal, es un mensaje de despedida.

A requerimiento de la Sociedad CEDRO (Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos) que opina que desde el ftp se difundían muchos contenidos ilícitos (archivos con derechos protegidos), y para evitar males mayores hemos decidido cerrar los servidores a la espera de retirar todo el material que no sea de Dominio Público (DP). No os escondo que es una tarea muy laboriosa pues es difícil determinar qué archivos son efectivamente de DP y no podemos aventurar ninguna fecha posible de reapertura, si es que alguna vez se vuelve a abrir, ni siquiera tenemos claro que para eso sea necesario abrirlo pues en la red hay muchas bibliotecas digitales con ese tipo de material.

Nuestra idea, seguramente ingenua, ha sido siempre que las bibliotecas digitales fueran como las bibliotecas públicas, como si fuera la biblioteca del barrio pero sin f…

Shell accounts list

The biggest Free Shell list on the net :-)
http://sdf-eu.orServer & services:
- 3 load balanced T1s (Sprintlink and Savvis)
- 16332 ISDN/v.90/v.92 dialup numbers in the US & Canada
- SIGs, Music Compilations and Membership activities
- 10+ DEC Alphas (DS20L/DS10L) running NetBSD
- Supporter of the NetBSD project and The Computer History Museum in Mountain View Californiahttp://www.grex.orgServer: OpenBSD
Services: email, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs... (quota: 1Mb)http://www.nyx.netServer: ???
Services: email, ftp, telnet, lynx, personal webspace of 100Khttp://m-net.arbornet.orgServer: FreeBSD
Services: email, pop3, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs (quota: 500kb)http://www.xox.plServer: ???
Services:email,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space (quota: 1Mb)http://www.rootshell.beServer: Linux
Services: pop3/web email, webspace, the complete set of UNIX/Gnu tools, quota: 2M

Shell Accounts

SDF ( -
GREX ( -
ShellYeah - -
FreeShells -
DucTape -
Free.Net.Pl (Polish server) - (Polish server) -
IProtection -
freeshells -
LinuxShell -
takiweb -
FreePort -
Daforest - -
LuxAdmin -
shellweb -
blekko -

Discusión interesante sobre ftp y firewalls

> 1.) If a connection from the ftp client to the ftp server is in active or
in passive mode is
> a decision of the client - not of the server. Is this correct?

It's up to the client to request PASV mode.
If the server agrees, then PASV mode is set.
Otherwise, the client sets PORT ( active ) mode.

> 2.) Assume I type (as a client) at the command line:

> ftp

> How do I specify that I want to handle this (my ftp session) in passive

mode rather than in active?

XP's command-line FTP does not support the PASV command.
Do a ? at the ftp> prompt for a list of commands.
You can get 3-rd party command-line FTP utils which support PASV mode.
Here's one I found earlier ( which is nice ):

Do a ? at ths one, and see there are many more commands.
PASV is the one you need.

The FTP function in IE has the option to use PASV mode for FTP.
Look in internet options.

All 3-rd party FTP clients have the option.

Before we…
Intel CPU & Motherboard monitor

bkmks hoy

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